Clarence Omar Vuylsteke and Beverly Alice Matteson Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Clarence Omar Vuylsteke

Born: 4-Nov-1932
Father: Clarence Julius Vuylsteke
Mother: Martha  Lenore Gruendahl

Known as C.O. Was a drywall and painting contractor and then a building contractor in Florida. Worked in Colorado with the construction of the Minuteman Missle silos. Stated that after building these great silos, the technology was obsolete and the government used the same construction firms to fill the silos with sand and to cover them up and abandon the project after billions spent. Founded Schaefer Homes in Tampa, Florida and built hundreds of homes in the area. Was a principal in Fairfield Homes in the early 1990s. Married Beverly Matteson, May 6, 1950 in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Had several other marriages, but children only by Beverly Matteson.

Wife:   Beverly Alice Matteson

Born: 4-Feb-1933
Father: Hollis Maples Matteson
Mother: Alice Palmer Galucia


Female  Child 1:   Martha Alice Vuylsteke

Born: 4-Nov-1950
Spouse: Paul  David  Wells, Scott Lawrence
Children: Gabriel Jacob Joseph Lawrence, Grayson Aaron Michael Wells, Rebecca Genesis Wells

Changed her name to Melissa Ann.

Born in St. Louis, Mo.

Male  Child 2:   Norman Omar Vuylsteke

Born: 16-Mar-1952


Male  Child 3:   Hollis Tip Vuylsteke

Born: 28-Jul-1954
Spouse: Tina Peace
Children: Hollis Vuylsteke, Joshua Vuylsteke

Known as Tip.

Male  Child 4:   Fred Joseph Vuylsteke

Born: 24-Jun-1956
Spouse: Sue Ellyn Lord
Children: Amanda Vuylsteke, Katherine Vuylsteke

Married August 18, ??, Novato, CA.

Female  Child 5:   Cheryl Ann Vuylsteke

Born: 31-Oct-1957
Spouse: Steve Johnson
Children: Teali Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson

Known as Cherry.

Female  Child 6:   Beverly Susan Vuylsteke

Born: 12-Mar-1959
Spouse: Norman Ohlson
Children: Holland Oliver Ohlson

Known as Sue

Female  Child 7:   Mary Elizabeth Vuylsteke

Born: 9-Dec-1960
Spouse: Joe Lee Rector, III
Children: Jole Ana Rector, Faith Marie Rector, Shelby Matteson Rector

Occupation: Bookkeeper