Gabriel Jacob Joseph Lawrence Male Click to view the family tree

Born: 30-Oct-1971
Died: 3-Mar-1975    

Comments: Son of Melissa Ann Wells and Joseph Lawrence? Gabriel's father was keyboard player for the rock group The Youngbloods at the time of Gabriel's birth. Melissa and Joseph? lived at Jesse Collin Young's property in Marin County, California in a loft above a private recording studio on the property. Gabriel drowned at an apartment complex in Novato, California while visiting his grandmother, Beverly Matteson. He was cremated and his ashes were spread on Mount Vision in Marin County, California (Inverness). These notes are supplied by Lee Rector and are as I remember Melissa telling the story. Melissa is my former sister-in-law.

Gabriel's Heritage

Parents: Paul  David  Wells, Martha Alice Vuylsteke
Siblings: Grayson Aaron Michael Wells, Rebecca Genesis Wells