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A message from Lee Rector, President:

The Rector Organization is an ongoing and evolving company that was started in Nashville, Tennessee in 1974 as ISI Publications. We began by publishing music, magazines, books, cinematic video production, and newsletters. In 1986 our offices were moved to Tampa, FL. In 1993 we moved our offices to Reno, NV, and later to Southern NV. Spanning more than four decades, we have catalogued a long list of titles. We are presently involved in writing, producing, publishing and and distributing a full length musical, "Light of Life." as we continue continue to publish selected titles, as well as to provide consulting services.

"Light of Life" Musical Act 1 and Act 2, Pubolished 2022 - "Light of Life"


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The Ruth Y Rector Genealogical Papers, The Butler Center, Little Rock, Ark.





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