The Garden


I step through those gates into the garden now

It is where my path has led

After struggling through weeds and thorns

With broad determination

I arrived.


And they were widely open.


With oiled hinges

swinging free



Sitting n the sunlight

On a concrete bench

Across from the fountain

In the center of the courtyard

You were

Waiting for me

To join you

In silence and understanding.


You transmit to me

Your thoughts

I transmit mine

We share

Without debate


Or restraint






Yes, I say

I know where I must go

I know what it is

You want me to do

I shall do that

For you

I shall.


And when I open my eyes

You are gone

I see others




It is such a big garden

From the fountain

Through the valley

Over mountains

To the sea

There is much to do

I am ready

I stand up

And walk therein.




A Prayer



Bring me healing

Help me see

Give me energy

I once had

To do my work

For thee

Touch me

With your sacred hand

And pass over the power

To exercise

What you give

In this and every hour.






And there they were

The masts

With their halyards


It was still.


The water,

Like ice.

Frozen solid

Not moving.


The gulls,



The quiet.


The sun

Closing its eyes

With a reddish



The clouds







And the

Deep, deep


Turning black

Of the bay.




Do you hear?


And if nobody reads this

A writer Iíll still be.

And if nobody feels this

The touch of my fingers

Still reach out.


I am young. I am young.

I am younger still.

Forever young.

Filled with will.



I bear the torch

And there I shall be





Are we close?


Do you hear?







We all are going through constant changes

And the way we adjust is the key

As I stand before you

I know you want to see changes

You want to see changes in me.


Like the eagle that spreads her winds on the thermals

I hoist up my sails and point true

For as you stand before me

You know I want to see changes

I want to see changes in you.


As we leave one another

Will there be any changes

Will the light of our love shine through

Or will we continue to make our own changes

As the warmth turns into cold blue


When you dance with the devil

Your devils never change

They just try to make changes in you

Now I pray to the stars

That the changes we see

Are for beauty, are for goodness, are for truth




A big white pine in Arkansas

Stood waiting for the saw

When Robert E. Lee of Virginia

Was the greatest of them all

The Rector cut the pine tree

And haid her out to age

For something he'd be making

To enter in the bible's page

Now the log was cut in pieces

And was turned upon a lathe

While the young wives cooked dinner

And the church was being raised

And the logs became four posters

And a frame was made it's said

It was all tied together

As the Rector's trundle bed

And they loved and made a family

Through a work she laid her head

And it was all was held together

In the Rector's Trundle bed.

The old farm house was in shambles

When my grandpa did go back




Lord help me off of this rusty old saddle

I've been in the rain much too long

Help my dry off my boots, help me shelter my cattle

And when I get the strength, Lord,

Won't you ride along?


He rode into town to go down to the temple

The rail it was dusty, the highway was old

The message he carried with him was so simple

But no one would heed the story he told


Their swords were unsheathed they called him a stranger

They said they were told he'd be coming to town

They took him and threw him in a dungeon of danger

Tomorrow they'll lay him like a thief in the ground




I got no fear of growing old

I got no feelings that I can't control

And though I don't say life is all sugar and spice

I got me a one way ticket to Paradise


I've pointed my nose down a one way street

I got one direction, I accept no defeat

And I'll carry you along if you want to come for the ride

On my one way ticket to Paradise


The lord is my direction and I can't understand

How any one could listen to some other man

I got all I can handle just holding it in

I ain't got no time to stop off and sin.


So let me tell you fair brothers and sisters listen

It ain't a goanna get 'ya if you don't give in

Keep the faith baby and won't it be nice

When you get your one way ticket to Paradise


I say keep the faith brothers, open up your eyes

To your one way ticket to Paradise.


New River


I'm tired to the bone

Of the general tone

Waitin' for my dreams

To turn the pages


Just been gettin' along

With nothin' going on

Think it's time

That I head down a new river


Clothes on my back

Ragged as the pack, Lord, that I carry

Goin' no where blues

Lord I got my had and shoes so weary


And I'm tired of just gettin' by

Sick of bein so high

Think it's time

That I head down a new river.


Clothes on my back

Ragged as the pack, Lord, that I carry

Goin' no where blues

Lord, I got my hat and shoes so weary


And I'm tired of just gettin by

Sick of bein' so high

Think it's time

That I head down a new river.











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