Family Images -- PDF Files

The following files are PDF files made from old photos from the archives of Ruth Y. Rector. This just scratches the surface, but at least the surface is scratched.

In time we will try to identify the all people in these photos and add captions to the PDF files. These image files are large as they were scanned for maximum quality and they may be slow to load. Please be patient. Each link is a different file.

Click through these files as you like. We're working on this. As you can imagine there is already months of work her just creating these pdf images ... this is being done in our spare time, so bear with us. A note to anyone interested in their families. Get the pictures identified while those who are in the know are still alive and of sound mind. That means NOW! Or you'll be looking at a lot of holes when you finally decide to sit down and try to compile the family records.

IF, you know any of the people in these photos, your assistance would be appreciated in helping to identify them. Send email to me at: Identify the file by the PDF number and I will put the captions up as soon as I receive them. Please, I need your help. If you know any of these people and can identify them, your contributions will be vastly appreciated.

PDF file 0001
PDF file 0018
PDF file 0035
PDF file 0052 Dr.Joe L. Rector, MD, 1919-2001) in graduation regalia, circa 1944.
PDF file 0069 Ethel Clark Rector (right) and grandaughter Patricia Carol Rector, circa 1945.
PDF file 0090 The Clark sisters? Ada Clark center. Help if you can.
PDF file 0002 Jayme Sue Thomas? With a doll that looks like Odelle Thomas?? Circa 1944. I need some help her.
PDF file 0019
PDF file 0036
PDF file 0053 (Left to Right) G. O. Yingling, Emma A. Yingling, Ara Lee Yingling, Ruth V. Yingling, circa 1934.
PDF file 0070 Pat Rector, circa 1944.
PDF file 0091 Joe Lee Rector Sr., with granddaugher Pat Rector, or grandson Joe Lee Rector III.
PDF file 0003
PDF file 0020
PDF file 0037
PDF file 0054 Don't know these people, except in front with handbag Emma Yingling behind her above on right Ruth Y. Rector.
PDF file 0071 2nd from left, G. O. Yingling (seated wife Emma Yingling), secong from right Deener Dobbins (seated his wife) Searcy, Arkansas. Bank board?
PDF file 0092 Joe Lee Rector Sr.
PDF file 0004
PDF file 0021
PDF file 0038
PDF file 0055 Ruth V. Rector, high school graduation.
PDF file 0072 A groundbreaking in Searcy, Ark. G.O. Yingling (the short one) next to Emma (white coat left from with handbag).PDF file
PDF file 0093 Joe Lee Rector Jr. (that's me, about 1923)
PDF file 0005
PDF file 0022
PDF file 0039 Ara Lee Yingling, circa 1932.
PDF file 0056
PEF file 0073 Jayme Sue Thomas circa 1955. Lee & Pat Rector's ONLY first cousin.
PDF file 0094
PDF file 0006
PDF file 0023
PDF file 0040
PDF file 0057 Jayme Sue Thomas (left) Patricia Carol Rector, circa 1945.
PDF file 0074
PDF file 0095 Joe Lee Rector, Jr., Ethel Clark, circa 1920. ??
PDF file 0007
PDF file 0024
PDF file 0041 Odelle Yingling???
PDF file 0058 Ethel Rector, Joe Lee Rector III, 1948.
PDF file 0075 Who? Proud of them mules and hounds!
PDF file 0096 Is this Ethel, anyone?
PDF file 0008
PDF file 0025
PDF file 0042
PDF file 0059
PDF file 0076 First cousins, Jayme Sue Thomas (left), Patricia Carol Rector (right) circa 1945. Color.
PDF file 0097
PDF file 0009
PDF file 0026
PDF file 0043 Four generations: (left to right) Joe Lee Rector, III; Kent Edward McConnell (Gilbert); Joe Lee Rector, Jr; Joe Lee Rector Sr. circa 1967.
PDF file 0060 Ruth Y. Rector
PDF file 0081 (From boy left to right) Joe Lee Rector, Jr., Ethel Rector, Ada Clark, Joe Lee Rector, Sr. circa 1929 at Harding College, Searcy, Arkanas.
PDF file 0098 Joe Lee Rector Sr., the Rector Family Bed (his father's bed). (Lee Rector has this bed).
PDF file 0010
PDF file 0027
PDF file 0044 Joe Lee Rector, III, Emma Yingling, 1965. Wentworth Military Academy.
PDF file 0061 The "foxy canoestress" Ruth Rector.
PDF file 0082 I believe this is Ethel Clark Rector
PDF file 0099
PDF file 0011
PDF file 0028
PDF file 0045 This would be Emma Yingling with Kent McConnell (Gilbert) in 1965, Fairway, Kansas.
PDF file 0062 This is Pat "knock-kneed" Rector before braces.
PDF file 0083 Joe L. Rector Sr., Joe L. Rector, Jr., Ethel Clark Rector circa 1928.
PDF file 0100 Ada Clark (left) and Ethel Rector, sisters.
PDF file 0012
PDF file 0029
PDF file 0046
PDF file 0063 Is this Ruth, G.O., Odelle, Emma and Ara Lee Yingling? I think so.
PDF file 0084
PDF file 0101 Joe Lee Rector, III and Patricia Carol Rector, with that mean Shetland pony "Tom." Fayetteville, Ark., circa 1952.
PDF file 0013 A man and his prize pig.
PDF file 0030
PDF file 0047
PDF file 0064
PDF file 0085
PDF file 0014 He (?) and my shadow.
PDF file 0031
PDF file 0048
PDF file 0065 (Rear, right) G. O. Yingling, postmaster, Searcy, Arkansas. Is this the Post Office in 1929?
PDF file 0086 I recognize Ethel Rector (seated left).
Ara Lee Yingling
PDF file 0015
PDF file 0032 G.O. Yingling (short man in center of center row).
PDF file 0049
PDF file 0066 The lucious Ruth Rector.
PDF file 0087 Patty Rector (left) and Jayme Sue Thomas.
PDF file 0016
PDF file 0033
PDF file 0050
PDF file 0067 Lee Rector, center, with friends, Mission, Kansas 1958.
PDF file 0088 Ruth Y. Rector, and "fat cheeked" Lee.
PDF file 0017
PDF file 0034
PDF file 0051
PDF file 0068 Emma Yingling (left) stepping out. G.O. (center,top) "politickin'" with the boys.PDF file
PDF file 0089 Joe L. Rector, Sr., and Ethel Rector.


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