Joe Lee  Rector, Jr., MD Male Click to view the family tree

Born: 20-Jan-1919
Died: 10-Jan-2001   Congestive heart failure, minengioma--recurring, frontal lobes of brain. Joe Rector was a Radiologist early in the specialty. He handled radium in the 1950s and 1960s. It is the belief of his son that the minengioma were caused from radiation exposure. He lived to age 82 and died in 2100. He had surgery to remove a turmor behind his eyes in 1997, after which his mind became decreasingly dim. The first tumor was about the size of an orange. In Dec. of 2000 he was hospitalized for a second time (first time in 1997) with congestive heart failure. An MRI at that time revealed that the minengioma that was removed in 1997 (but which had calcified to the brain and was not totally removed) had returned. This time it had grown to about the size of a grapefruit. He died within a month of this discovery as the pressure from the tumor was causing strokes. Curiously, he was not suffering pain from these tumors at any time. Dad was buried alongside his wife and his mother in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Searcy, Arkansas. His father, Joe L. Rector Sr., and his aunt Ada Clark are also buried in this "Rector" plot.

Joe's Family

Spouse: Ruth V Yingling (Married)
Children: Patricia, Joe Lee Rector, III, Baby Boy Rector

Joe's Heritage

Parents: Joe Lee Rector, Sr., Ethel M. Clark