Clarence Julius Vuylsteke and Martha  Lenore Gruendahl Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Clarence Julius Vuylsteke

Born: 9-Jul-1905
Died: Jan-1967
Father: Mauriets Vuylsteke
Mother: Ann Mithcell

Born St. Louis, Mo.

Wife:   Martha  Lenore Gruendahl

Born: 4-Feb-1914
Father: Fred Gruehdahl
Mother: Lulu Allen

Born White City, Ill.?

Male  Child 1:   Clarence Omar Vuylsteke

Born: 4-Nov-1932
Spouse: Beverly Alice Matteson
Children: Martha Alice Vuylsteke, Norman Omar Vuylsteke, Hollis Tip Vuylsteke, Fred Joseph Vuylsteke, Cheryl Ann Vuylsteke, Beverly Susan Vuylsteke, Mary Elizabeth Vuylsteke

Known as C.O. Was a drywall and painting contractor and then a building contractor in Florida. Worked in Colorado with the construction of the Minuteman Missle silos. Stated that after building these great silos, the technology was obsolete and the government used the same construction firms to fill the silos with sand and to cover them up and abandon the project after billions spent. Founded Schaefer Homes in Tampa, Florida and built hundreds of homes in the area. Was a principal in Fairfield Homes in the early 1990s. Married Beverly Matteson, May 6, 1950 in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Had several other marriages, but children only by Beverly Matteson.