Hollis Maples Matteson and Alice Palmer Galucia Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Hollis Maples Matteson

Born: 29-Oct-1906
Died: Sep-1985
Father: Charles Henry Matteson
Mother: Hattie Elida Maples

Married to Alice Galucia on 24, Dec, 1928.

Wife:   Alice Palmer Galucia

Born: 14-Aug-1910


Male  Child 1:   Hollis Charles Matteson

Born: 24-Nov-1931
Spouse: Celeste Beckerman
Children: Kenneth James Matteson, Maureen Matteson


Female  Child 2:   Beverly Alice Matteson

Born: 4-Feb-1933
Spouse: Clarence Omar Vuylsteke
Children: Martha Alice Vuylsteke, Norman Omar Vuylsteke, Hollis Tip Vuylsteke, Fred Joseph Vuylsteke, Cheryl Ann Vuylsteke, Beverly Susan Vuylsteke, Mary Elizabeth Vuylsteke