Peter Eldridge Clark and Morena Emmaline Ross Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Peter Eldridge Clark

Born: 1834
Father: James Harvey Clark
Mother: Drury Susanna Daniel

Joined Confideracy in Izard County. Died in Little Rock Ark. Buried. Son Porter?

Wife:   Morena Emmaline Ross

Born: 21-May-1833


Male  Child 1:   Milton  Eldridge Clark

Born: 1-Jul-1864
Spouse: Josephine Melvina Kitchens
Children: Audrey Clark, Raymond Clark, Ethel M. Clark, Ada  Clark, Homer Clark, Thelma Clark

Born after father, Peter Ethridge, died. Because he was born after his father died, he was supposed to have magic powers. People aqround would bring their children around to have him blow in their mouths to cure the sore mouth. He didn't want to, but did. He lived with his grandfather until he was 14 at which time James Harvey died, then he went to live with his uncle Milton Daniel Clark. When he was 18 he was given a new horse and saddle and was told it was time to be on his own.